Saturday, January 22, 2011

For Utah hoteliers, 2010 better but not real good

Compared with a year earlier, occupancy rates last month were up 1.7 percent statewide and 2.6 percent in Salt Lake County. With those lukewarm results, hotels statewide finished the year with a 59.7 percent occupancy rate, up from 56.9 percent in 2009. Although an improvement, the number of rooms filled nightly remained significantly below levels in 2008 (63.7 percent) and 2007 (68.4 percent). In addition, the downturn continued to impact the amount of money hoteliers could charge for their rooms. The average nightly room rate in 2010 was $93.29, about 75 cents cheaper than a year earlier but $5 a night below the going rate in 2008.

The Lodging Report breaks Utah down into nine areas. Six regions had better years in 2010 than in ’09, led by 4.9 percent gains in Logan and 4.4 percent gains in St. George. Scattered hotels outside of Utah’s main metropolitan areas did even better, filling 5.2 percent more rooms than a year earlier. Small declines occurred in Ogden and Davis County. Salt Lake Tribune