Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Cache County OKs road funding

Six road projects in Cache County will collectively receive $5.4 million from the county’s road tax.

The County Council on Tuesday approved the allocation — exactly as the valley’s mayors and county executive, or Council of Governments, had recommended — but not before some disagreement over Logan’s 200 East project between 450 North and 1250 North, which will receive $3.1 million.

A motion made by Councilman Val Potter to wait on funding 200 East failed by a 4-3 vote.

“I wanted to hear the input from Logan city on that, and my concern was the safety issues,” Potter said later in the week. “We as a council had heard a number of complaints from residents about the safety of the roundabout being right next to the middle school. I wanted to put the funding for the project on hold until we heard back from the results of their evaluation.”

Councilman Craig Petersen argued that the council should not get involved in a “technical issue about how we build a road.”

“I just find it odd that we would substitute our judgment for the city’s,” Petersen said. “Based on the preferences for how a road should be built, I just don’t think that’s an adequate reason for us to micromanage.” Herald Journal