Friday, July 20, 2012

Saying Goodbye to a Friend

Last month, we said ‘goodbye’ to a friend and colleague, John Mathews. He made the decision that many of us still plan and dream about; retirement.

John has worked for the State of Utah for 40 years, and with great trepidation decided to leave behind his job as regional economist of the Northern region - driving 34 miles to and from work, eating out and eating at his desk, presentations, meetings, projections, publications, analysis, and friends and colleagues.

We’ll miss his ability to calm down meetings, bring a different perspective to the conversation, and explain economics to those of us who are newer to the game. His physical presence may no longer be here, but John has left his mark.

So, we won’t really say goodbye, but ‘see you later’.

Please click here to read his farewell.