Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Some Wellsville residents wary of plan for highway truck stop

A local developer plans to turn a corner in Wellsville into a park, convenience store, gas station and trucker’s rest stop, but some residents are concerned the development would bring increased traffic and pollution.

The land is zoned highway commercial and, according to the Wellsville general plan, is intended for businesses meant to attract travelers — such as convenience stores, gas stations, car washes and other auto and trucking services.

Some Wellsville residents, however, object to the proposed business, saying it will decrease home values and quality of life.

Steve Kyriopoulos, who lives just outside the Wellsville limits but considers himself a Wellsville resident, co-owns about 12 acres on the southeast side of U.S. Highway 89/91 on the corner of 400 North, and wants to encourage motorists already passing through to stop and spend money — but he said the access points off the highway could become an issue. He has hired an engineering firm to conduct a traffic study of the area and has expressed a willingness to work with the city and the Utah Department of Transportation to solve potential concerns. The Herald Journal