Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Brigham City takes next fiber optic step and joins UIA

The Brigham City Council voted last week to join Utah Infrastructure Agency (UIA), a recently created arm of UTOPIA (Utah Telecommunications Open Infrastructure Agency). UTOPIA has 16 member cities with the goal of connecting fiberoptic capability directly to customer's homes. Private-sector service providers then use the network to offer internet, voice, video and other services to customers. Brigham City was the first UTOPIA city to have a user-financed connection model to build fiber throughout the city. UIA's purpose is to provide new financing options for future build-out of fiberoptic infrasturcture in member cities. The agency plans a feasibility study that incorporates the $16 million in stimulus money which will be used to install fiberoptic infrasturcture in schools and government facilities in the member cities.
Box Elder News Journal, September 8, 2010